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Indian Money Reviews, Indian Money Bangalore - Benefits of Filing Income Taxes Early

India needs .   Because it's unrealistic to expect genuine and unbiased free consultation from an agent or seller of financial products. .   Because there is a need to get access to experts who would highlight the fine print that needs to be read before signing on the dotted lines. . Because speaking to an expert can save hours/days spent on web search. The last date to file ITR is July 31 st . You have less than a month to file taxes and avoid penalties. If you miss the deadline and file ITR between August 1 st  2018 and December 31 st  2018, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs 5,000. What if you miss even this deadline? Well, if you file ITR between January 1 st  2019 and March 31 st  2019, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs 10,000. If your total income doesn’t exceed Rs 5 Lakhs, then the fee/penalty must not exceed Rs 1,000. But, let’s not talk about taxes. Let’s talk about the benefits of filing income tax returns (ITR) early. Want to kn

Indian Money Reviews, Indian Money - 5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Financial Plan in 2018

Financial planning helps you achieve short, medium and  long-term financial goals . It considers your current financial behavior and variables to predict and design your future financial position so that you achieve your financial goals. To be financially successful, setting financial goals is of utmost importance. Financial goals can be of three types: short-term, medium-term and long-term. We will be discussing how to create and manage a long-term financial plan so as to achieve long-term financial goals. 5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Financial Plan In 2018 We all have dreams and goals like buying a  house , living a peaceful retired life, educating your children in the best universities, buying a high-end  car , going on an exotic holiday and so on. But your dreams will remain just that if you do not have the money to make them come true. So, setting a goal alone is not enough, you need to plan for it in financial terms. This is when savings and investments come into the